I am a Garden Designer based in Easton On The Hill, Stamford, Lincolnshire, UK.

I offer a multi-tiered range of design options from simple onsite advisory sessions to complete stage by stage design projects. For more information and examples of my work see my website www.kenrawsongardendesigns.co.uk


One Response to “About”

  1. Sofi Ritchie said

    Hi Ken,

    We think we need advice regarding our garden. We started it from absolute start some 5 years ago and I feel we haven’t achieved the real nice lush garden look. We had some people dig a pond our for us some years ago, and they did a horrible job, we had to redo quite a lot of it, but we now know we need to have more work done to it, such as a shelf, where we can plant directly onto, and not use pots, which look awful. In other words, we need some advice. WE also have a big bank at the back of our garden which we have planted up, but we need advice on that too! Having had such a bad experience with the people doing our pond, we are, naturally, a bit worried about who to ask and also about how much it will all cost. I saw your advert in the Stamford magazine the other day, and just felt you sounded ok. Can you help us? We live in Langham.

    Regards, Sofi


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